Floor scales come in many different packages. The different elements that make up a floor scale are capacity, type of steel used for construction, size of the scale itself and also the environment that it is intended to be used in. If the scale is do be used on the dock to weigh skids the just about any scale will work, but that same scale may not work in an environment associated with filling containers with chemicals. For this environment a scale constructed out of stainless steel may want to be used. A NEMA 4 stainless steel junction box should also be used in this type of scale. The load cells may want to be upgraded to hermetically sealed load cells. This will help protect them from moisture damage due to the wet environment.

Not all floor scales are fully electronic. Flexure base floor scales are available. These scales have a lever system in them designed to use steel flexures instead of pivots and bearings. A single load cell in installed in the flexure base to convert the mechanical energy to electrical energy so the weight can be displayed on a digital indicator. This scale is useful in heavy corner loading applications or when shock loading may result from loading the scale in some applications.

 We would be happy to assist you in choosing the scale that is right for you.




         Cardinal Floor Huggers  with Optional Ramps   Rice Lake Rough Deck HP

               Cardinal Floor Hugger                        Rice Lake Rough Deck





                Rice Lake Rough Deck HE                        Rice Lake Rough Deck FXB

                     Rice Lake Rough Deck HE                                 Rice Lake Flexure Base



           Cardinal Run Away                     

                      Cardinal Run Away                                          RoughDeck BDP



                        Cardinal 5852F                                 Rice lake Deck Hand  

                          Cardinal 5852F                                      Rice Lake Deck Hand

                Rice Lake Quick Clean                           Rice Lake Sanitary Deck

                Rice Lake Quick Clean                                        Rice Lake Sanitary Deck



                         Cardinal Floor Scales          Rice Lake Floor Scales