Charlotte Scale offers several different types of truck scales. We can provide mechanical, electro-mechanical and fully electronic truck scales with concrete decks or a steel deck in varies lengths and widths. These can be provided as above ground or pit type scales. Full advantage can also be taken of the latest technologies in the weighing industry. An example would be using fiber optic cable. Any truck scale can be upgraded with a fiber optic system. Fiber optic cable can be used to communicate between the scale and the scale indicator. This will electrically isolate the indicator from the scale, which cuts down on any chances of lightning damaging the electronics in the scale or indicator. Fiber optics can also be used to communicate with a scoreboard or computer, which helps protect these items from lightning as well. Smart junction boxes are used in conjunction with fiber optic systems but can also be used without using fiber optic cable on truck scales. This helps in trouble shooting the scale when there is a problem with the scale, which cuts down the time that the scale cannot be used.

Also available is a vast array of peripherals that can be used with a truck scale such as printers, scoreboards, and software to record vehicle data and unattended stations with badge readers. These stations can be used to record data from the scale, such as weight, truck number, time and date. This data can be used to generate tickets for the drivers on the spot or stored in databases for later use. The driverís signature can even be captured using a signature pad. The signature can be printed on the ticket and then stored in the database with the additional ticket information.

These are just a few examples of different equipment that can be used with truck scales to get the most out of them. Please feel free to contact us and let us help you make the right choice for your weighing application.


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